Sinking of the HMS Otranto

On September 25, 1918 during the waning days of the First World War, Cpl. Marvin Stancell boarded the HMS Otranto in New York bound for Glasgow. Otranto was a former passenger liner refitted at the start of the war as an armed merchant cruiser and troop carrier. Marvin was my first cousin, twice removed, meaning … Continue reading Sinking of the HMS Otranto

Distant Relatives, Distant Shores

While the part of the Farlow clan to which I'm directly related have been in Georgia since at least the early nineteenth century, there's a branch at my 2nd great grandfather's level who migrated to Texas. William Wiley Farlow, my 3rd great uncle, moved to Sherman, Texas sometime between the birth of his first son, … Continue reading Distant Relatives, Distant Shores