Wounded at Okinawa

From April 1 to June 22, 1945 one of the most important battles of the Second World War in the Pacific raged, the battle of Okinawa. When all was said and done more than 20,000 American troops had been killed making it the second most lethal battle in U.S. history. In the midst of that … Continue reading Wounded at Okinawa

I’m A Step Great, Great Grandson

John Otis Lawrence was my great, great grandfather. He was still living when I was born so my parents gave me his last name as my first, Lawrence. But, he was not related to me by blood. Sometimes the people who mean the most to you are not blood relatives but those God puts in … Continue reading I’m A Step Great, Great Grandson

A Weaver and A Beck – One Came Home; One Did Not

My maternal grandmother, Evelyn Hammock Gideon grew up in Ocilla, Georgia. Her mother was Bessie Lee Weaver Hammock. Bessie‚Äôs father was James Wilson Weaver. He was the school superintendent for Irwin County (where Ocilla is) from 1905 - 1921. They called him "Professor Weaver," though I'm not sure what level of education or experience he … Continue reading A Weaver and A Beck – One Came Home; One Did Not