The Legacy of Priscilla Doyle Tucker Clark

Priscilla Doyle was one of my fifth great grandmothers. She was born in North Carolina in 1750. At the age of sixteen, Priscilla married William Willis Tucker. Together they had two children, Starling Tucker and Fannie Tucker (my fourth great grandmother).

Sadly, their marriage was cut short after only four years when William died in 1770. Priscilla later married Thomas Clark from Virginia and they too had children, among them two sons, John and William.

By the end of the American Revolution, the family had moved to South Carolina. I’ve not found much about Priscilla but through the legacy of her successful and prominent sons, you can make some assumptions about her, I believe.

Starling Tucker was the most accomplished. He was a Lt. Colonel and later General in the South Carolina militia during the War of 1812. While the men of South Carolina saw little action in that war, the state’s governor, Joseph Alston, did order some of the militia to march to the coast and take up positions in case of a British invasion. Among those participating in that march was Lt. Colonel Starling Tucker and his men who marched some two-hundred miles using their own resources. Tucker, though popular with his men, did not get on with Governor Alston, who had him court martialed and suspended for ten months. Rather than ending his career, however, it seemed to enhance it. After the war, General Tucker served as a justice of the peace, commissioner of schools, a state representative and finally a U.S. congressman from South Carolina from 1817 – 1831.

William Clark

William Clark

Both of Priscilla’s sons from her second marriage to Thomas Clark served in the South Carolina militia during the war as well. John Clark was a captain in the militia during 1814. In addition to serving in the state militia, his brother William was the Surveyor General of South Carolina from 1810 – 1814 and later a state senator.

At the age of eighty-seven, Priscilla was widowed once again when her second husband, Thomas Clark died in 1837. By then she and Thomas had moved to Newton County, Georgia to live with their son John. Priscilla lived three more years dying in 1840 at the ripe old age of ninety. She and Thomas are buried in the Clark family cemetery in Newton County.

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