The Illustrious Wardlaws

When researching family history, you find that some families have an influence beyond their direct descendants, an influence that reaches the larger community and even the nation. Such is the case with the Wardlaw family. I'm related to the Wardlaws through my great, great grandmother Jane Moore Farlow. Her great grandfather was James Wardlaw. After … Continue reading The Illustrious Wardlaws

Mining Away For You

Thus far I've written only about my family. Recently, however, I began to research my wife's family and found such an interesting story I couldn't help but tell it. Like my own family, my wife's family is from Georgia for several generations back. Her second great grandparents on her mom's side were Hezekiah Stone and … Continue reading Mining Away For You

Give That Man A Hand

One of the fun things about researching family history is experiencing those "ah ha" moments when the pieces of a story come together. I had one of those recently while researching the Creels. As I've mentioned before, my great grandmother Farlow was a Creel before she married. In researching the uncles and cousins on that … Continue reading Give That Man A Hand