A Twisted Tale

Amezy Shores 3GU

Amezy Shores my third great uncle

Once upon a time there were two brothers originally from Tennessee, Amezy Shores and Alonzo Shores. They each had a daughter; to Amezy was born Sarah Lucinda Shores and to Alonzo, Susan Emaline Shores, my great grandmother.

Meanwhile in Rome, Georgia there were two other brothers William G. Smith and James Edgar Smith.

William died in 1881 leaving a ten-year-old son, Walter Julian Smith fatherless. Three years later, Walter’s mother died leaving the boy an orphan. James meanwhile, married the daughter of Amezy Shores, Sarah Lucinda.

Walter Julian Smith is my great grandfather. According to my grandmother, after being orphaned, he and his siblings were cared for by various relatives until they reached adulthood.

Among the likely caregivers were his uncle James Edgar Smith and his wife Lucinda. Perhaps through that connection, Walter met Lucinda’s cousin, Susan and they were married in 1893.

As a result, both Amezy Shores and his son-in-law James Edgar Smith are my third great uncles. Or, said another way, my great grandfather, Walter Julian Smith married his uncle’s wife’s cousin, Susan Emaline Shores.

Hope that didn’t make your head hurt. It did mine for a while until I figured it out.

James Edgar Smith & Family

James Edgar Smith (center), also my third great uncle, with his family. To the right of him is Lucinda Shores Smith, my great grandmother’s cousin.

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