Segregation Through the Eyes of A Child

This comes from the memoirs of my dad's oldest brother Floyd. Uncle Floyd lives in California and is now 84 years old. As you read this, consider the impact it had on my uncle as a child, so much so that he remembered it decades later. Your children watch what you do and it impacts … Continue reading Segregation Through the Eyes of A Child

Captured at Pulang Lupa

The Spanish-American War was fought on two fronts, Cuba and The Philippines. When the war ended in December 1898, the US granted Cuba independence but decided not to do the same for The Philippines. This led to an additional conflict with Filipino "Insurrectos" led by Emilio Aquinaldo which became known as the Philippine-American War. Fighting … Continue reading Captured at Pulang Lupa

A Twisted Tale

Once upon a time there were two brothers originally from Tennessee, Amezy Shores and Alonzo Shores. They each had a daughter; to Amezy was born Sarah Lucinda Shores and to Alonzo, Susan Emaline Shores, my great grandmother. Meanwhile in Rome, Georgia there were two other brothers William G. Smith and James Edgar Smith. William died … Continue reading A Twisted Tale

The Battle of Olustee

When asked to name a Civil War battle, names like Gettysburg, Antietam and Chancellorsville come readily to mind. ┬áThere are, of course, many lesser known battle sites but among the least known might be those in Florida. Many people don't associate the state of Florida with the Civli War at all, but there were a … Continue reading The Battle of Olustee

I’m A Step Great, Great Grandson

John Otis Lawrence was my great, great grandfather. He was still living when I was born so my parents gave me his last name as my first, Lawrence. But, he was not related to me by blood. Sometimes the people who mean the most to you are not blood relatives but those God puts in … Continue reading I’m A Step Great, Great Grandson